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We offer a wide range of customised technical assistance to meet the needs of our clients. In each of our thematic areas of expertise, we support our partners and clients with an experienced team of experts who have the necessary know-how to achieve the goals of each assignment. Our core services are consultancy, training and education, as well as research and policy advice.

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Sustainable Finance

The effects of climate change do not stop at companies. Scientific climate models predict that climate risks such as extreme weather events will increase in the foreseeable future. To achieve the climate goals and minimise the negative impacts of climate change, the economy must change. Businesses must become future-oriented and seize the opportunities that come with the transformation to greater sustainability. Massive investments are needed for this comprehensive change.

The financial system can play an active role by taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects into account in lending and financing processes, thus promoting future-proof investments. This shift towards sustainability in the financial sector is called sustainable finance. To support this process, the EU introduced various sustainable finance regulations, of which the EU Taxonomy is the most well-known.

Sustainable Energy Finance 

We support our clients (financial institutions, regulators, energy consumers, etc.) through advisory services such as: RE/EE financial product design, evaluating RE/EE green criteria (taxonomies, green bonds), financial and investment advice, cost-benefit analysis of EE measures and RE projects, risk assessment, strategic and market studies, analysis of regulatory frameworks, regulatory barriers, expert opinion on regulatory issues, identification of best practices, mergers and acquisitions process, including valuation, due diligence and support in negotiations.

Adaptation & Disaster Risk Finance

Working with public and private sector actors, we provide solutions for the management of climate and environment-related risks through national frameworks (e.g., by setting and implementing standards) and through institutional strategies, operations and products. This includes adjusted risk management procedures that reflect climate and environment-related risks in product portfolios and pipelines. New or adjusted financial services or products facilitate climate adaptation and the strengthening of long-term resilience. For residual risks, disaster risk management provisions are considered, including insurance solutions.

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