Basic Training on Impact and Climate


Project team:

Carola Menzel-HausherrDirector
Dr. Christine GrüningDirector
Lukas SimonManager Sustainable Finance Solutions

Description of the Project

Since 2022, DEG has focused its work even more keenly on further enhancing the positive development impact of its customers on society and the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5° goal in order to make DEG’s portfolio climate neutral by 2040 and helping customers with their transformation in order to build their resilience and achieve greater development impact.

To achieve our ambitious impact, climate, and transformation goals, the Centre has jointly developed basic training on impact and climate for the DEG. The objective of the training is to a discuss opportunities to:

•  Actively discuss the goals, opportunities, and hurdles of DEG’s impact/climate strategy,
•  Being familiar with the connection and differences in the area of impact and climate
•  Being able to argue possible customer benefits for impact/climate; and
•  Get impulses for acquisition opportunities/strategies in the context of impact/climate investment.