Our research connects up-to-date research with real world decision-making processes in climate finance and sustainability finance and policy in order to enable increased ambition in acting against climate change and contribute to finding sustainable and equitable solutions. Our mission is to support the academic community, governments, businesses and financial decision-makers from the public and private sector to drive economic growth while addressing climate change and sustainability research.

Our team has extensive experience in the areas of economics, international climate and sustainable finance and policy. This expertise covers a broad range of areas from sector and country-specific in-depth insights to international climate policies. We seek to enhance and foster knowledge sharing and exchange with other research facilities and individuals around the globe.

The FS-UNEP Centre’s research covers challenges surrounding finance in the light of the climate crisis. Research areas include:

  • Role of financial markets for low-carbon and climate-resilient investments;
  • Impacts of policies and incentives on a macro level on investors’ financing decisions;
  • Energy and climate policy in emerging and developing countries;
  • National determined contribution (NDCs) implementation
  • Interaction between policy instruments and their resilience to external shocks; and
  • Sustainable finance and scenario analysis for financial decision making.

We apply research-oriented, robust approaches, reflecting to on-the-ground realities.

Our research activities are linked with the actual project implementation. This allows our research team to provide facts-based analysis and practical guidance not only relevant for academia but also public and private decision-makers.

Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment (GTR) is an annual publication that provides the latest comprehensive information about global investments in renewable energy. The GTR enables a deep dive into trends in global investments in renewable power and fuels, as well as analysis by asset class, technology and geography. The data is presented in the context of the political developments and the wider energy sector. UN Environment, FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre and Bloomberg New Energy Finance jointly publish the report.

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The Green Climate Fund (GCF) Monitor reviews the progress of the Green Climate Fund’s efforts to respond to the challenge of climate change. Each issue analyses and briefly describes a unique topic selected because of its high importance at the recent Board meeting or other relevant event. The monitor analyses data provided on the GCF website and builds on existing literature.

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Special Issue: Making climate action more effective: lessons learned from the first Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). Almost all countries have now ratified the Paris Agreement, and many are in the process of updating their NDCs. It is crucial for the success of the Paris Agreement that the updated NDCs build on and learn from the first round of NDCs. This special issue in the journal of Climate Policy provides insights, and aims to stimulate debate, on how to strengthen NDC effectiveness. The special issue is edited by Pieter Pauw and Richard Klein.