Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance

Our thoughts on the climate crisis…

… humanity needs to act now to stop the climate crisis. Scientific research is making a clear case for action. If we do not act within the next decade, the climate crisis will fundamentally change the way we live. At the FS-UNEP Centre, we drive climate action every day.

… the climate crisis requires a fundamental transformation of our economy. The international community has committed to keeping global temperature increase well below 2°C and become carbon-neutral in the second half of the century. This requires an unprecedented reorientation of global economic activities. Humanity needs to understand and embrace this change. At the FS-UNEP Centre, we discover solutions in uncharted territories.

… finance is key in a holistic approach to achieve global climate goals. Financial implications of and financial solutions for addressing the climate crisis are yet to be fully discovered. Research, policy development, education and project implementation will speed up the discovery. At the FS-UNEP Centre, we apply our finance and climate expertise to expand the knowledge frontier of climate and sustainable energy finance.

Our recent work: