Sustainability Training (AKA Bank)


AKA Bank 

European Export Trade Bank

Project Team

Carola Menzel-Hausherr Director
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Dr. Christine GrüningDirector
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Eduarda ThurlerProject Coordinator
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Prof. Dr. Ulf MoslenerHead of Centre Research and Head of FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre
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Description of the Project

Sustainability issues are becoming an increasingly important topic in the financial sector due to the proposed risks and impacts of climate change and environmental aspects. In order to face the arising needs in the sustainability topics, training and capacity building are a tool for financial institutions for better integration of climate and environmental risks into their strategy and operations, in terms of responsibilities, risks, and opportunities.

A training on key emerging sustainability topics was provided to AKA Bank, a credit and export bank in Germany with the aim to provide capacity building, practice-oriented and interactive training to familiarize participants with different sustainable finance topics and sector-specific sustainability drivers that are relevant in the field of trade finance. It also aims to enable participants to integrate aspects from the areas into their work and to deepen them in further discussions, to apply acquired knowledge when advising their clients and business partners, and to act as competent contacts on sustainability topics.

The material was developed on key content, including: Climate Change, Energy Transition, Biodiversity Finance, and ESG/Sustainability. The training was designed applying a hybrid learning concept, an approach to education that combines educational materials for self-study and opportunities for interaction in class-room trainings.

The Frankfurt School UNEP Centre was responsible for project management, developed of the content, and implementing the training for each one of the 4 modules, as detailed below:

• Introductory session
• Module 1 – Climate Change
• Module 2 – Energy Transition
• Module 3 – Biodiversity Finance
• Module 4 – Sustainability/ESG