Climate Finance Strategy & Capacity Building for African Export-Import Bank


African Export – Import Bank

Project Leader

Marjan Stojiljkovic – Senior Project Manager

Project Partner

Description of the Project

Afreximbank is an international multilateral organization that finances, promotes, and expands intra-African and extra-African trade. Afreximbank and the French Development Agency (AFD) have formed a strategic partnership to increase their Climate Finance effort and support the outcomes of the 21st Conference of Parties on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement in Africa.

In support of the Afreximbank and AFD cooperation, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, in partnership with International Financial Consulting Limited, Perspectives Climate Group, and Carbon Africa, is providing advisory and technical assistance to embed a Climate Finance Strategy (CFS), Policy Framework (PF) and Guidelines into Afreximbank’s organization. Our team is working closely with the Afreximbank to define and elaborate a compelling strategy and action plan to accelerate low-carbon, sustainable development across Africa. The Project Team aims to improve climate finance market intelligence, develop and implement comprehensive climate-finance training programs, climate finance product pilots, systems upgrades including integration of climate finance risks, and develop tools to support low carbon development and trade enabling infrastructure across Africa.

Main tasks performed within the project are:

  • Defining a future state and market position with respect to Afreimbank’s climate finance activities and institutional arrangements, investments, portfolio growth, product and services, and alignment with the Bank’s mandate to expand intra-African and extra-African trade. Our activities include assistance with structuring the climate finance portfolio, designing and executing target market (country) climate finance action plans, business and financial modelling, and implementing an institution-wide capacity-building package
  • In-depth market intelligence gathering and partner mapping to realize synergies and leverage existing infrastructure
  • Piloting the of new promotional strategies and products
  • Targeted business development support, including marketing and project origination coupled with on-the-job trainings and coaching on new tools and processes, and building pipelines